The Talent of Youth


Elisha and Mollie on the set of their short film, I Was Young Once

It was a pleasure this week to host Mollie and Elisha. These two young students, on work experience placements for one week, showed that young people can have as much, if not more, initiative, enthusiasm and dedication as experienced professionals. It was a pleasure to work with them throughout the week, as they eagerly started off learning the basics, from call sheets to colour grading, before they created their very own short film, showcasing the skills they’d learnt so quickly, writing, filming and editing a top quality short film all in 48 hours, and with increasingly little supervision.

This week reminded me that encouraging young talent is at the core of what Pastles is about, offering those with little experience, but abundant in the more important qualities of commitment, creativity and hard work, a foot in the oft-locked door of the film and video industry. For many young people, it’s extremely difficult to find their way into the industry, with few contacts and even fewer opportunities available.

It’s always been important to myself to combat this situation as much as possible, offering opportunities, however small, to young creatives who deserve the chance to prove that they, too, have that all-important spark we call talent.