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Where Are We Now?

By Pastles Productions | 8th January 2018

Happy 2018 everyone; Pastles Productions is set for a very busy year in 2018, and we think it’s gonna be a good one. Here’s why: We’re heading in new directions. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve got a shiny new website! We’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Adam and the team at…

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Big Sleep Out 2017

By Pastles Productions | 8th January 2018

Back in November, we had our first preview for Sleeping Rough, Pastles Productions’ first feature film. We were really lucky to screen at The Big Issue Foundation’s Big Sleep Out at the Oval, London, where film got an amazing reception, and we were stunned by the positive feedback from both members of the public and Big…

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Sleeping Rough: One Year On

By owain | 15th November 2017

Incredibly, it’s exactly a year since we first published our Kickstarter for Sleeping Rough… We’ve come a really long way since then, and it’s entirely thanks to all the support we’ve had throughout the process; from charities, organisations and above all, from you guys, our backers and all the individuals who’ve pushed us to get…

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The Hardest Fight – tickets available now

By owain | 7th November 2017

Not every battle is fought in the ring. Tickets for The Hardest Fight, our Exeter Phoenix-commissioned short film on mental health in boxing, are available now at the following link: It’s been a tricky shoot, but the campaign is ongoing, and we’d like to thank all the people who’ve supported us, especially at Exeter Phoenix…

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Democracy in Crisis?

By owain | 24th October 2017

Owain is currently working abroad in Catalonia, producing videos for an intercultural organisation based in Barcelona. Right now, Barcelona is in the throes of a political war between the Catalan and Spanish governments, following the recent independence referendum on the 1st October, which was deemed illegal by the central Spanish government. Protests have been going…

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That’s a wrap!

By owain | 7th September 2017

That’s a wrap! After a fairly intense week and all the research we’ve done over the last few months, we’re delighted to say that shooting finished yesterday on our Exeter Phoenix-commissioned film, The Hardest Fight! The whole cast and crew were amazing, and a special thank you goes to Empire Fighting Chance​ in Bristol for…

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The Hardest Fight – LIVE

By owain | 11th August 2017

We’re really excited to say that our crowdfunding campaign for The Hardest Fight is now LIVE! The campaign – commissioned by the Exeter Phoenix – is based around a short film about a young boxer dealing with depression in the lead up to their first boxing match. The campaign aims to look at links between…

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Work Experience 2017

By owain | 21st July 2017

It was a pleasure this week to host Pierre and Florence, two work experience students from Devon; over the course of the week, they learnt skills in pre production – including creating call sheets, risk assessments and shot lists – through to filming and working with lighting, sound and camera setups, up to post production,…

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New Showreel

By owain | 30th June 2017

We have a new showreel out, highlighting the commercial work we’ve done over the last year; it includes footage from a really wide range of projects, including theatre performances, viral charity videos and music videos. If you’re interested in collaborating with us, you have a band that needs a music video or a charity that…

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Our Manifesto

By owain | 4th June 2017

We speak a lot about what we can do to reduce homelessness, to make sure people have homes of their own and aren’t being forced to live on the street. It’s a complicated issue, with hundreds of answers, and not one of them is totally right. We may never ‘fix’ homelessness. But this campaign would…

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The Hardest Fight

By owain | 6th May 2017

We were very lucky to recently be commissioned by Exeter Phoenix and Rife magazine to create a film-based campaign, entitled The Hardest Fight. The Hardest Fight will look at mental health issues in sport, primarily boxing, and will look closely at how boxing can actually help you to deal with mental health issues such as…

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That's a Wrap!

By owain | 2nd May 2017

Slightly surreal, but today was our last shoot day for Sleeping Rough… It was a tough shoot, sometimes taking some real bravery from cast and crew to pull through, but we did it, and we couldn’t have done it without every single member of the team, from van driver to make up artist, to actors.…

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Sleeping Rough: Homeless Awareness Week and Rehearsals Round 1

By owain | 3rd March 2017

Homeless Awareness Week was a massive success, culminating in the Sleep Out, where over 100 people helped raise more than £10k for various homeless services in Bristol and nationally, including One25, Crisis Centre Ministeries and The Big Issue Foundation. After the Sleep Out, we had a weekend packed full of rehearsals for the film. It…

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Interview with StreetWise

By owain | 4th January 2017

A new street newspaper for the homeless: A start-up that hopes to make a real difference. Sleeping Rough Film talks to the founders, Dave Wotherspoon and Jennifer Marshall to get the lowdown…   Jennifer and Dave believe their highly structured system is the best way to cater to the needs of each specific group within…

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Interview with Stephen Robertson, CEO of The Big Issue Foundation

By owain | 21st November 2016

Yesterday Stephen Robertson, CEO of The Big Issue Foundation kindly took some time out of his day to chat to Melita, co-producer of ‘Sleeping Rough‘, about homelessness, what everyday people can do to help and what he thinks of our concept. Take a look at what he had to say… by Melita Cameron-Wood   M:…

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Sleeping Rough Kickstarter is LIVE!

By owain | 14th November 2016

After months of preparation, the Kickstarter campaign for @SleepingRoughFilm has finally gone live, and we are calling on you to follow the link, watch the video and SHARE. This project is so important and has so much potential to make a difference, but it really cannot be done without your support. #youcanhelp

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"There is something really tangible that people can do."

By owain | 26th October 2016

This morning, the Senior Policy Officer at Crisis, Alice Ashworth, kindly took some time out of her working day to speak to us about our Sleeping Rough project and the work that Crisis does to improve the situation of homeless people in the UK. by Melita Cameron-Wood M: One of the main things that we…

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Smile at a Stranger

By owain | 23rd August 2016

Tonight I visited one of Smile at a Stranger‘s soup kitchens in Exeter, chatted to some great characters and got some fascinating stories. The team there do a fantastic committed job, and I was astounded by the commitment of these guys, and by the feeling of community between everyone that’s there. #SleepingRoughFilm is going really…

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The Fisher-Knight's Tale

By owain | 23rd August 2016

Sarah Vigars, of Wild Toy Theatre is embarking on an ambitious project, creating a pop-up puppet show for children and adults. With a bit of help from yourselves, and hopefully Arts Council England, she’ll be able to turn 7 drawings into 7 puppets… Give the video a watch, and if you’re interested, follow the link below…

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Pstles Prductins…

By owain | 18th August 2016

We’re changing our logo for one week, joining the likes of Google, Microsoft and the LADBible in order to raise awareness for something very important… In the last decade, the number of blood donors in the UK has reportedly decreased by a massive 40%, meaning that the NHS is now on the lookout for 200,000 new…

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